Single Story For Rent/Lease in Colinas Del Mar, Ensenada

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Apartment #3 for Rent in Colinas del Mar

•  624.3 sqft , 1 bath , 2 bdrm single story FOR RENT  MXN9,000 ML . Great Opportunity!

Apartment for Rent in Colinas Del Mar in El Sauzal

Upper Floor #3

It consists of 2 bedrooms with Closet, stay (living room / dining room), kitchen with 4 burners and Refrigerator, interior laundry area, parking for 1 car.

Rental Price $9,000.00 MXN.
With prompt payment $8,500.00 MN.

Departamento en Renta en Colinas Del Mar en El Sauzal

Planta Alta #3

Consta de 2 recamaras con Closet, estancia (sala/comedor), cocina integral con 4 quemadores y Refrigerador, área de lavar interior, estacionamiento 1 carro.

Precio de Renta $9,000.00 MN.
Con Pago Puntual $8,500.00 MN.

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