Single Story For Sale in Francisco Zarco, Ensenada

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Property for Sale in Valle de Guadalupe

•  4036.47 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD489,000 . Great Opportunity

Located in the heart of the Wine Route, in the surroundings there are wineries, restaurants, boutique hotels, 5 minutes from the town of El Porvenir where you will find convenience stores, service station and so on.
The property has an area of ​​2 hectares has a modern house equipped with all the services to live comfortably (electricity, water, gas and drainage installation), has 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, kitchen area, dining room, living room and porch; Behind the house is an RV type mobile home ideal to accommodate guests, it has a kitchen, shower, toilet, Queen size bed and 2 sofa beds. It has a meeting area with sheds, built with a metal structure and a galvanized sheet roof where there is a large bar, a sink with elevated water tank, a gas stove with 4 burners and an oven, it has a vineyard that provides shade in summer and gives table grapes and 1 outdoor bathroom.
The ranch has a multipurpose workshop with dimensions of 10.00 by 10.00 m. electric power with 110 and 220 volt sockets; 2 small warehouses, the first made of foil, the second of foil with walls covered with plywood, flet cardboard, metal mesh and plastered with cement, both with electric power. An incubator with a wood frame and fiberglass sheet that can be used as a greenhouse or a place to grow seedlings and 2 tunnel-type greenhouses. A cellar in project with an interior structure of mud brick, access ramp and light, in project the roof and the finishes.
It has a water storage basin with a 5m3 cistern with an electrical system and a hydropneumatic pump to supply the property, the drainage system is made up of a self-cleaning biodigester in 2 stages for the discharge of the house, the outdoor bathroom and the mobile home. ; Electric power supplied by CFE, has 2 meters, 1 for the house and the other for the irrigation system and some buildings.
Land area: 215,278.21Sq. Ft.
Construction area of ​​the house: 4,036.47 Sq. Ft.
Price: $ 489,000.00 Dollars.

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